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Lula Goce was born in Galicia, Spain. She grew up influenced by the salty coastal air, Barnacles, Drizzle and the beautiful beaches this region of Spain is famous for. At 20 she moved away too Salamanca and graduated in fine arts specializing in painting. She proceeded too take part in competitions and scholarships with emphasis on ephemeral sculptures as well as paintings, both in public spaces, museums and galleries. During this period she discovered the thrill of transplanting her work from the gallery environment onto walls bringing a fresh perspective too a very structured graffiti scene, leaving iconic pieces in the streets and abandoned buildings.

Lula then moved to Barcelona where she studied a PhD as well as a Master in artistic creation at The Fine Art University of Barcelona. Graphic Design at The Pauta Formacio and of Illustration at The Escola de la Dona. Barcelona turned out had a vibrant, thriving, huge underground graffiti scene. Lula became part of art collectives developed in old factories like Hangar, Caminal or La Escocesa in Poblenou. Here she met and became a member of the raw street art collective and proceeded to develop her technic on the streets and walls of Barcelona.

Lula found the direct interaction with spectator that happens when committing a huge street piece to a wall and the muscularity that this technic requires a revelation. There is a dialogue that is established between passers by and residents alike as the piece takes shape and in its finality that alters community spaces and neighborhoods for the better. The fact these pieces become integral to the areas she has created these pieces drives Lula to new heights of artistic endeavor.

Throughout all this time she’s taking been part in urban art festivals around the world like Grenoble Street Art Festival, 501 SeeStreet in NYC, North West Walls, Waterford Walls in Ireland, Memorie Urbane in Italy, Zona Maco in México, Street Art Summer in Hannover, Nasimi Festival in Azerbaijan, Poliniza//Dos in Valencia, Twenty Urban Art in Murcia, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Bac in Barcelona, among others. She have also participated in projects in art centres such as the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca; the Santa Mónica Arts Centre and the CCCB in Barcelona, Matadero in Madrid; MARCO in Monterrey (Mexico); Diego Rivera Museum in Guanajuato (México). And exhibitions in DDR projects Gallery in Long Beach, CA, Inoperable Gallery, Viena. Next Street Gallery in Paris and Street Art Place in Italy.

If you are by chance reading this Bio to discover more about Lula Goce, look around your local urban spaces, as she will be painting a photorealistic street piece, that is bringing a freshness too the street art graffiti scene that is powerfully evocative and will leave an indelible mark on the space and your mind.



One Root, One Artist, Akutiga France. Collective Exhibition Paris. France.

Espinasse 31. Solo show. Madrid. Spain.


Red Dot Miami Art Fair. Espinasse 31 Gallery from Milan. EEUU.

Urvanity Art Fair with Next Street Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

Mitos Urbanos. MURAM, Regional Museum of Murcia. Collective exhibition. Cartagena. Spain.


Next Street Galery. Solo Exhibition. Paris. France.

Paris Street Art Fair. Next Street Gallery. Collective exhibition. Paris. France.

Street Art Place Gallery. Collective exhibition. Gaeta. Italy.


Street Art Place | Urban gallery. Collective Exhibition.  Gaeta. Italy. 


Art Fair Madrid. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery.  Madrid. Spain.



 Casa Colorida. Solo show. Nigrán. Spain.

Té con Magdalenas. Collective exhibition. Curated by Clara Rguez Cordeiro. Sala Normal.

A Coruña. Spain



Cuarto Público. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery. Collective exhibition. Madrid. Spain.


Art Fair Madrid. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery. Collective exhibition. Madrid. Spain.


II Edición de Arte na Vila 2012. A+B Gallery. A Garda. Spain.

Art Fair Madrid. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery. Madrid. Spain.

Metro Arte Contemporánea. Solo Show. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

“Colectiva de nadal”. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.



“Topografías”. Novos Valores.  Provincial Museum of Pontevedra. Pontevedra. Spain.

2011 Art Fair Madrid. Metro Arte Contemporánea Gallery. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

“A-MAR”. Ponte Rosas Space,IEM.  Solo show. Gondomar, Spain.

“Tempus Fuguit”. Diego Rivera Museum. Solo Show.  Guanajuato. México. 

“Tempus Fuguit”. Gallery + Space La Sala. Solo Show. Festival Maco. Monterrey. México. 


Festival OFF LOOP’2010. Artistic Production Center La Escocesa. Barcelona. Spain.



“We Create”. Collective Exhibition. DDR Projects Gallery.  Los Angeles. California. 

“Éxtasis de Goce”. Collective Exhibition. BAC’09 Festival. CCCB Barcelona. Spain

“Corazonada”. Collective Exhibition. Canteen Galery. Otawa. Canada. 

DFest. Vídeo creation "El baño". Matadero. Madrid. Spain

“Detúatú. 3 puntos colega”. Centre Cívic Sant Andreu. Barcelona. Spain.


“Aterciopelo”. Solo Show. Capsa Space. Prat de Llobregat. Spain.

“Metamorfósis”. Abélula (Lula Goce y Abel del Castillo) Little Kitchen Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

“Superconstellation”. Collective Exhibition. Todojunto Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.

“De lo Divino”. Solo Show.  NIU Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.



“Canada vs Spain”. Colectiva Inoperable Galery. Vienna.

“The Tunel of Love”. Nit CASM Hangar. Santa Mónica Art Center. Barcelona. Spain

“Tetrabrick. Packaging Action”. I Trobada Artística del Poblenou. Barcelona. Spain.

“Veladas”. Ephemeral Intervention. CUB Space. Capsa Artistic Center. Prat de Llobregat. Spain.

“Claves para Conchita”. Solo Show. Fine Arts Exhibition Space. UB. Barcelona.



Tuenti Urban Art. Proyecto mural comisariado por Urvanity. Murcia. 

Compostela Contemporánea Festival de Arte Urbano. Proyecto mural comisariado por Mutante Creativo. Santiago de Compostela. 

POLINIZADOS // Cavanyal. Proyecto mural comisariado por Juan Peiró. Valencia. 

Waterford Festival. Proyecto mural en el festival de arte urbano. Waterford. Irlanda. 

Memorie Urbane 17 Festival. Proyecto mural comisariado por Davide Rosilló. Terracina. Italy. 

2016 Waterford Festival. Proyecto Mural Seleccionado. Waterford. Irlanda.

2016 POLINIZADOS. Proyecto Mural Seleccionado. Comisariado por Joan Peiró. UPV de Valencia. 

2015 North West Walls 2015. Proyecto Mural seleccionado. Belgica.

2011 1rt Grant Novos Valores 2011. Deputación de Pontevedra. Pontevedra.

2010  Beca de movilidad para artistas Ramón LLull. Barcelona - México.

2009 Centro de Producción Artística La Escocesa. Beca Taller. Barcelona.

2009 Festival de Arte Contemporáneo BAC’09. Proyecto mural. CCCB de Barcelona.

2009 Concurs d’Arts Visuals Premi Miquel Casablancas 2009. Proyecto seleccionado. Centre Cívic Sant Andreu. Barcelona.

2009 Festival de Arte Contemporáneo D’FEST. Vídeo seleccionado. MATADERO. Madrid.

2007 “Experimentem amb l’Art”. Beca Taller en el centro de producción artística. Barcelona.

2003 Fundación Talens. Beca de Creación artística. Barcelona.

2002 Certamen de Artes Plásticas de San Marcos. Mención de Honor. Universidad de Salamanca.

2001 Certamen de Artes Plásticas de San Marcos. Obra seleccionada. Universidad de Salamanca.

2000 Certamen de Artes Plásticas Fundación Araguaney. Obra seleccionada. Santiago de Compostela.

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