Tempus Fugit.


Diego Rivera Museum. Guanajuato. México.

Tempus Fugit

Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

November 2012

We all have a notion of the meaning of time, of how it advances, of how it is measured, but from the scientific (or physical) point of view, it is difficult, if not imposible, for the human mind to apprehend. Questions such as these, and others that are posed by physics, clearly shows our insignificance, and the limits of our capacity.

It seems like a paradox that we are capable of measuring time, but that at the same time we are incapable of understading its meaning.

Space can be visualized, but time can not. We can only measure its advance, and observe how it causes changes in nature. The position of stars and planets, the falling of bodies, ageing, the change in seasons, etc., make these changes evident to us.

Actually, this characteristic of being measureable without being understandable, does not pertain only to time. Physics works with many concepts, such as mass, electric charges, etc. that are measurable but whose deep meaning we are incapable of grasping. For example, what is the meaning of an electron? Can electrons be divided in half? We have used the electric current and benefited from it for a long time, we play with it, but we are not capable of imagining what an electron is or what it looks like.


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